Inspection and Certifications

One of our major department is the certification of cranes and other lifting equipment.
Which is used in the harbour, on land or on vessels.

Certified Inspectors carry out inspections and certification of Pedestal and Gantry cranes,
lifting gears and equipments. Specialized in Liebherr cranes, we inspect and certify all
othery type of cranes operating in Ports, on Ships, Platforms and FPSOs onshore and offshore.

Annual / Biannual inspections and testing carried out with our own load cells and
water weights presently available up to 50 to.


We inspect and certify your cranes up to 50 tons.
All work done is documented in worksheets according to international standards.

With our different water weights we can do load and overload testing.

Hook inspection

Rope inspection, testing and replacement.
Rope inspection

After all test are done, you get a certificate.
Certificate approved