Offshore Crane And Lifting Equipment in Nigeria

Industrial Ports provides a lot of service solutions for offshore cranes including installation, repairs, modifications and upgrades through our dedicated team of engineering specialists in Nigeria.

Liebherr Offshore cranes and crane engineers are available Worldwide. All Liebherr operations and repair services are provided.

Liebherr Offshore Cranes

See more details about Liebherr Offshore Cranes at the Liebherr Website

No matter what type or brand of crane you operate we have the track record to guarantee a fast response and effective solution to meet your requirements precisely.

Industrial Ports offers a wide range of services for offshore cranes:

  • crane sales
  • transportation
  • maintenance
  • hydraulic repairs
  • gearbox repairs
  • winch repairs

We offer maintenance and repairservices for the following offshore cranes:

  • LIEBHERR                          
  • MELCAL                             
  • BLM                                     
  • SEATRAC                            
  • FAVELLEFAVCO               
  • MAPE
  • PALFINGER                        
  • TMS                                      
  • NMF                                     
  • TTS                                       
  • KENZFIGEE                       
  • SCM
  • EBI                                       
  • DREGGEN                          
  • NOV VARCO                      

Our comprehensive service includes all above brands of cranes, bridges and lock gates, contract maintenance programmes, reactive maintenance, scheduled repairs, repairs following investigation and inspection, structural repairs following collisions, replacement of dockside crane slew rings.

Refurbishment and Modernisation

Services include mechanical, structural and electrical refurbishment of offshore cranes. We specialise in re-engineering major structural and mechanical components.  Our expertise also covers the installation of new electrical control systems, the refurbishment or replacement of gearboxes and much more.

We care !

We are committed to reducing your machine downtime. Hence, when we talk about troubleshooting and fast response services, that’s exactly what we mean! Please give us a try and contact us for more information.