Spare Parts Logistics Nigeria

Industial Ports is the right partner for time critical spare parts logistics. We do not only procure spare parts, we are also a specialist for the logistics part. Industrial Ports assists customers in the achievement of the ideal combination of availability and cost-effectiveness, providing you with professional support in your spare parts logistics. We have a strong business network in Nigeria and employ experts for customs and transportation. With our expertise and network we are able to help our clients when time matters in regards to spare parts.spare parts logistics

On time delivery is essential to profitable importing. Our company will follow-up on deliveries keeping in frequent contact with the suppliers and advise you of the status of orders. Because of our experience, we are in a position to help you select a forwarder who will deliver your goods in the fastest and most economical way. You will be able to take advantage of consolidated shipments at special competitive rates.

We care !

We are committed to service. Hence, when we talk about troubleshooting and fast response services, that’s exactly what we mean! Please give us a try and contact us for more information.