Procurement and Logistics

Our procurement and logistics services are designed to help you when you are in trouble. Industrial Ports is the right partner with a strong supplier network around the globe. We provide you:

Competitive Prices
Prices vary greatly according to product lines. Our company will be able to guide you through the intricacies of international pricing practices. Due to our experience we are able to obtain the most competitive prices available in the marketplace.

Being a buyer requires you to be in constant communication with your suppliers. Our services can save you time and money by acting on your behalf, and handling all communications.

Evaluating the quality of merchandise produced requires expertise. Quality control is carefully performed by our company, either by spot or total checking. Professional quality control protects the interests of our clients and is the key to successful selling.

On time delivery is essential to profitable importing. Our company will follow-up on your deliveries keeping in frequent contact with the suppliers and advise you of the status of orders.

Forwarding of Goods
Because of our experience, we are in a position to help you select a forwarder who will deliver your goods in the fastest and most economical way. You will be able to take advantage of consolidated shipments at special competitive rates.